What is home?

Since March 2020, we all have been forced to quarantine ourselves away from each other and our usual frantic world. Experiencing solitude, loneliness, and isolation in our own little worlds, we've been forced to a deeper exploration of what it is to be "alone."  Our definition of Home has been redefined: What is Home? Where do I feel Home? Am I Home in my own self? Am I safe in my Home?


And then, during this quarantine, racial injustice finally reached collective consciousness, asking us to consider not only what and where is home but who gets to feel at home and when. Whether it's a space or state of mind, Home is a unique place that is very personal and, for some, hard to find. 


No matter who or where you are, quarantining brought us back to our physical home but also forced many of us to rethink our internal home: who we are, where we come from, what values are at its foundation. This is my study on Home among the personal spaces of different people around the world, using our, now, most common way to communicate: video chat. They generously allowed me into their home, and I'm very honored they wanted to come into mine.